Water Face Spray – Who Needs It?

Who Needs Mineral Water Spray?

“Need” and ‘Want’ can so easily be confused in today’s overwhelming number of skin care products environment. Just when you think you’ve solved all of the possible problems you may encounter with your skin, along comes another company with yet another invented issue. Of course, said issue is always accompanied with their ‘unique’ solution and/or solution series. Not so with mineral water spray.

Living, as we often do, in an urban or suburban environment, this cleansing and healing spray has now become an undisputed need. Whether or not you use a full line of makeup daily or no makeup at all, mineral water spray will keep your face clean and hydrated for that sense and feeling of glowing, especially when compared with how you’re feeling with un-refreshed pollutant burdened skin. For men, mineral water spray has proven to feel fantastic when used before and after shaving and to be wonderfully useful in the prevention of razor burns and bumps.

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What Is Mineral Water Spray?

It is exciting! That’s what. Real, therefore pure, mineral water is best when it comes directly out of the earth and gets only the minimum treatment necessary to get it from mother earth into the spray and delivered to you. Not just a beauty product, this wholesome treatment is successfully utilized by the movement towards healthy, untreated natural healing, as well as by the fashion and comedic industries.

When makeup is used, Royal Canadian Natural Mineral Water Spray is helpful when used after application to settle it, just as well as before it to assure a clean base for the application. It is great for a quick refreshing spray any time and especially helpful right before a fashion shoot for that ‘alive, and fresh’ look.
Men, women, children, babies and teenagers, all enjoy and benefit from using (fairly recently available) mineral water sprays. From diaper rash, to teenage skin eruptions, to adults enjoying their prime and finally to impeding visible aging, people of all ages who have discovered mineral water spray, love, love LOVE it!

Over the past few decades, we have learned a whole lot about how valuable antioxidants are for youth maintenance, strength and good health. Mineral water spray is full of these antioxidants and the rarest ones can even be super saturated with one of the most healing of minerals, Selenium. Way, way back in ‘the day’, long before modern medicine, medicine men and women as well as ancient Chinese healers, successfully used Selenium to heal burns and other unwanted skin conditions and it is still used today in burn units.

There are tons of products on drug and department store shelves all over the world, claiming to refresh naturally, while and hydrating skin, but I think all natural mineral water from the earth is the only way to go. We don’t need any perfumes, chemicals or detergents to get the jobs done well and healthfully. Just the mineral water leaves our faces feeling cooled and soothed. If your climate is nasty hot and dry, you can spray the rest if you feel like it.