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A Letter To My Customers

How EcoLiving Essentials Can To Be

Hello Everyone,

My name is Anastasia Gonzalez, I am the Founder and CEO, of EcoLiving Essentials. I am a graduate student currently working on a master in science. I am a teaching assistant at my university in the Chemistry lab department. I started this company in honor of her sister, Sienna. Along the way, I received inspiration from my cousin, Cris, to begin making bushcraft essentials too! 

Cris is an avid hiker who enjoys camping outdoor and bushcraft. The Hiking and Brushcraft Essentials page contains a variety of things for those who enjoy the outdoors. 

Sienna is an animals lover, who is applying to vet schools. Sienna's love for animals and my love for the environment is how our company began. Sienna, like many of my consumers, has sensitive skin and can't try a lot of products without getting an allergic reaction. 

I wanted to create products for people like Sienna, without sacrificing the quality of my products. My products safe for all ages and skin types.

As one of the area’s leading organic and vegan skin care shops, EcoLiving Essentials is your ultimate go-to place for all things skin and bushcraft. Since 2018, EcoLiving Essentials has been providing customers with a fantastic shopping experience and with top of the line products at affordable prices.

All of our products are made in house. EcoLiving Essentials does not use a manufacturer to fill our orders. Allowing us the power to do custom orders and ensure our products are always freshly made and not wasting away on a shelf. If you have any questions feel feel to message us. We look forward to your business.